Friday, 16 October 2015

Half Man Bun

You got buns, hun?

 Shades: ASOS | Top: Jay Jays | Shorts: Finders Keeper The Label |
Sandals: somewhere in Gold Coast

As I decided to go for a man bun to achieve this tomboy-ish look, the first thing Edward said to me was "you look like a guy". Well i wasn't sure that i was supposed to be happy that i looked manly or otherwise. Despite what he said, I enjoyed shopping with a half bun without having to  to constantly whip my hair to get my fringe out of the way.

Anyways, this outfit is definitely one of the simplest yet stylish outfits that anyone could ever have! Really, just a plain tee shirt & shorts with sandals. Get out of your comfort zone! Try a half bun, you might eventually fall in love with it x

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