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a country filled with friendly citizens, delicious yet greasy food.

If there was one thing that I would never forget about Taiwan, it would be the Taiwanese- approachable, likeable & helpful. Wish Malaysians could be more like them.

Once we landed in Tao Yuan Airport, our driver drove us to Taichung, where we stayed for two nights. Did some touristy stuffs- including a visit to Rainbow Village and a temple in one of the oldest streets. An hour away from the city centre is the famous Gao Mei Wetlands, where most people go for sunset (and where we had this yummy grilled squid). It was definitely worth the journey.

We also got the chance to drop by its famous night market, Feng Chia. Honestly, many stalls had similar food & we just thought it was not up to our liking. I guess I will never get used to how oily Taiwanese food is. 

The next day, we went to Sun Moon Lake for the view. To be honest, I was quite disappointed as I heard a lot about how beautiful the place was. Well, I had seen better view. Despite the disappointment, the boat ride to different piers definitely kept us entertained.

Another two hour ride led us to Cingjing- that literally meant "calm" in Chinese. One night was definitely enough to serve as a getway from the city. We went to Cingjing farm the next day, where we saw a flock of sheep running around, chasing after tourists who had food. It was funny but creepy at the same time- made me wonder who in the world does not get angry when they are hungry? Hence, the term "hangry" came along.

Another ride to Taipei was quite unbearable as it was a three hour journey. When I got to Taipei, I instantly felt relieved. Everything was moving at a rapid pace and that was exactly what I love- the city life. We rented a place in Xi Men Ding through Airbnb. It was comfortable and incredibly accessible for us to get around the city.

However, typhoon and rain didn't allow us to explore many places in Taipei. We did try the famous Din Tai Fung in Taipei 101. Unfortunately, the food did not wow us, the only thing that was really tasty was pork & prawn dumplings that were dipped in chilli oil. That, my friend, was something that I would go back for.

We then spent most of our time in Xi Men Ding. It is a huge area with a vast range of clothes, accessories and food. Although we did not get to do much, the trip definitely bonded my friends & I. Kudos to our 8 years of friendships- and counting!

P.S. I also did a video for our Taiwan trip- check it out here!

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